How to choose the hinge size and style of doors and windows?

Date:Jan 07, 2021

Everyone understands the function of hinges. As one of the hardware parts, doors and windows cannot be separated from the hinges for normal use. Small hinges should not be underestimated. For doors and windows of different specifications at home, you cannot just buy one hinge size. You need to choose a suitable hinge according to the size of the installation position, otherwise the function of the hinge will not be played.

Hinge size and style selection of doors and windows

There are many styles and sizes of hinges. From the style alone, it can be divided into more than a dozen kinds of ordinary hinges, H hinges, window turning hinges, and cross hinges, not to mention the choice of each hinge size. . Although there are so many styles of hinges, there are several types of hinges that are often used in home decoration. The most common ones are 4-inch hinges, that is, 4*3*3 hinges. 4 means 10cm in length, 3 means Means that the width is 3cm, and 3 means that the thickness is 3mm. This kind of ordinary hinge** is commonly used in various room doors, including study doors, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, etc. In addition to ordinary hinges, another letter hinge that can be installed directly without slotting is also very popular, but because of the different structure, it is more suitable for use on lightweight doors and windows, such as paint-free doors and bathroom doors.

The door hinges need to use anti-theft hinges, which are usually matched with the door and do not need to be purchased again. The hinge for the cabinet door can be a long row of hinges. This hinge is 1.8m long and can be installed with 3 cabinet doors. You can also choose to use pipe hinges or ordinary small hinges, and pipe hinges. It will be more convenient, but there are fewer functions. There are many sizes of pipe hinges, plus full cover (with a frame next to the hinge), half cover, no cover, etc. You need to measure the cabinet size at home and choose accurately. If you want to install a hidden door at home, you need to use a cross hinge, this kind of hinge can be completely hidden after closing the door, so it is also called a hidden hinge. When choosing the hinge size, you can decide according to the thickness of the door and the door frame. Usually the cross hinge has a variety of sizes such as 45mm, 70mm, 95mm, etc. If it is too small, it is easy to appear unstable, and it is too large to install. The best is Measure the thickness of the door before making a selection.

The size and style of the hinges of doors and windows should be adjusted and combined according to the position and function of the doors and windows. In order to save time, all doors and windows should not be decorated with uniform specifications. And if you do a good job of purchasing hinges, it will be more convenient and smooth to use doors and windows in your life.

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