How to choose a bedroom door at home? Precautions for bedroom door purchase

Date:Nov 18, 2020

The role of the door in every family is very important, it is an essential furniture. There are many things to pay attention to when choosing a door. The materials used for indoor and outdoor doors are different, and the method of selection is different. Bedroom doors are usually made of wood. So how to choose bedroom doors? Today, we will talk about the purchase precautions of bedroom doors from the aspects of door cover, door leaf, door lock and hinge.

How to choose a bedroom door

1. Door cover

The door cover is usually what we commonly call the door frame, which refers to the decorative shape set around the door. It bears the weight of the entire wooden door and can echo the overall decoration style. The door cover must eat nails. Its nail-holding power is strong, so that the door leaf is not easy to fall off. The waterproofness of the door cover is very important, especially the bathroom door. Once the door cover gets wet, its surface will become black, swell, and peel off. , Cracking, and sometimes blasting phenomenon. The door cover is in direct contact with the ground. If the material is not selected properly, the door leaf will sink during use. Opening and closing the door will cause the door leaf to rub against the ground.

2. Door leaf

The door leaf is the main part of a door, and the characteristics of the door leaf make it often a symbol of the decorative style. The style characteristics of the door leaf are mainly reflected in three aspects. Design material characteristics: The material of the door leaf is often required to be consistent with most materials of interior decoration. Therefore, we often see in the practice of cleaning oil, if red beech is used indoors, then the door is often red beech; if it is cherry wood, then the door is also cherry wood. Of course, it can also be designed into different material styles, but it is difficult to achieve this.

3. Door locks and hinges

As far as door locks are concerned, according to their purpose, locks can be divided into: door locks (also called anti-theft locks), bedroom locks, passage locks and bathroom locks. The color and style of the door lock should be consistent with the style of the wooden door. A good door lock should be used as the decoration of the wooden door to make the overall effect of the wooden door better. Every day in and out, the door locks are used frequently, and we must choose the better quality.

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