How many fire doors do you need in a kindergarten classroom?

Date:Apr 16, 2019

The location, quantity and width of the evacuation door should be scattered and arranged to meet the requirements of personnel safety evacuation.

The number of evacuation doors in a public building should be calculated and not less than 2.

Any point in the room to the room directly to the evacuation walkway of the straight line distance, should not be greater than the specified bag-shaped aisle on either side or at the end of the evacuation door to the nearest safe exit of the straight line distance (refractory grade secondary building 20m, level three 15m, level four 10m). The nursery room, dormitory, sound body activity rooms should be set up double-fan flat door, its width should not be less than 1.20m. Turnstiles, spring doors and sliding doors should not be used in evacuation passages.

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