How Are Doors Tested to Achieve a Fire Resistant Rating?

Date:Apr 01, 2019

Doors achieve their fire rating through a series of stringent tests measuring their stability against a number of protection requirements. These are both active and passive tests:

Passive fire protection tests assess the ability of the door set to contain fire, smoke and other gases during a fire.Active fire protection testing involves trialling certain devices/hardware that serve to operate in the event of a fire (for example: magnamatic devices that hold doors open).The specific tests of each door will depend on a few characteristics:

The type of door being tested (e.g. swinging fire doorsliding fire door or hinged fire door).The material the door is made from.The particular fire resistant rating the door needs to meet (1 hour, 2 hour,etc).Doors are tested for flammability, combustibility, smoke/gas resistance and pressure resistance. If all of these components are met, then doors are awarded their fire rating.

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