Hardware on the fire door

Date:Jun 16, 2019

At first,the lock of the fire door has many types.For example,mortise lock,cylinder lock and panic bar.The mortise lock is widely used in Middle East,but the cylinder lock is widely used in America.The two types'function is almost the same,just different countries have different styles.

In addition,the panic bar is special.The purpose of the mortise lock and cylinder lock installed on the fire door is to make the door have a certain anti-theft function,and the purpose of the panic bar is purely for fire prevention,especially for escape without burglar.

Secondly,the hinge of the fire rated door has also many types.Such as,hidden hinge,bearing hinge,spring hinge and so on.Now most of the fire rated door is hidden hinge.In the aspect of hinge,though have many types but function is nearly the same.

Thirdly, the closer is also very important.The fire door's main function is rated fire.

In the event of a fire,everyone panicked and escaped,and they couldn't even close the door.At this time,the role of the door closer was revealed.After everyone escaped along the stairs,the door automatically closed, blocking the fire and smoke,ensuring the safe evacuation of everyone.

The closer has also many types,such as ,surface closer,hidden closer and slide closer.In the aspect of the price,hidden closer is the most expensive and the surface closer is the most cheap.

In today's society,closer used in the fire door in different loctions are also different.

Expect above these hardware of the fire door ,wire glass is also a very important hardware for the rated fire.The role of wire glass has aesthetic effect ,and more important is that in the event of a fire, it is easy to see if there are people or other things on the opposite side of the door when you panic and escape and blindly push the fire exit door.

The above is some of my views on the hardware equipped with fire doors.

If you have other opinions,please leave a message.

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