Frame set out oF square

Date:Feb 18, 2019

Proper frame installation cannot be overemphasized. In the majority

of wall constructions, (“slip-on” drywall type frames being the

major exception) “quick” or “easy” field fixes are limited. Improperly

set frames that are drastically out of square will cause severe door

and hardware problems. These types of situations would require

extensive field repair and may result in having to remove frames

from walls to gain access to frame anchoring.

If the “out of square” condition is slight, some adjustment can be

made by shimming and/or adjusting anchors, particularly if the

frame being worked on is a slip-on drywall type.

The most versatile frame to work with in correcting these types

of conditions is the “slip-on” drywall frame. The manufacturers’

instructions should be referenced, but generally most “slip-on”

drywall frames have a sill anchor at the bottom of the jamb and a

compression anchor between the top hinge and the header. Also,

most jambs have corner clips that have a hole to accept a screw. The

corner clip and hole align with a hole in the header. The adjustment

of slip-on drywall frames can be made using these anchors

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