Fire Training Class Outline

Date:Nov 24, 2018

Fire Training Class Outline

• Introduction and review of the flammable and hazardousexting
materials, specific to your facility,
that employees may encounter in the event of fire.

• Live demonstrations using solvents, plastics,
common household products, and more.

• Review of types of extinguishers
– Classes of fire
– Types of fires
– Types of agentsDSCN0099
– Types of extinguishers

• How to use extinguishers
– Do’s and don’ts of extinguishers
– Safety concerns of fire
– Recharging and maintenance

• Hands on extinguisher training
– Review of information
– Instruction on extinguishing techniquesDSCN0076
– Demonstration of extinguishing techniques
– Extinguish a live pan fire
– Extinguish a live propane fire

• Review – Q&A session

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