Fire Rated Label Importance

Date:Sep 19, 2018

Code officials urge against removing a fire-rated label from a fire door to avoid costly recertification in case the door is to be placed into service as a fire door at a later date and to alert the public of the door's original purpose in case of fire. Yet the additional cost of maintaining that door and inspecting it annually is significant. A great alternative to not removing a fire-rated label and avoiding the cost of maintenance, annual inspection, and later recertification is to decommission a fire-rated door with the new Fire Door Solutions Decommissioning Labels!

To decommission a fire-rated door, Fire Door Solutions can place a label over the affixed fire- rated label that informs the public of the change in purpose for the door. The sample decommissioning label to the right has adhesive on both ends to cover the affixed fire-rated label, but not deface it in case of future re-purposing as a fire-rated door on a fire or smoke barrier.

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