Fire escape tips

Date:Sep 08, 2020


1• Do not panic when the smoke is relatively thick, appropriate knees, elbows on the ground, crawling forward, because close often remain fresh air. Strengthen the detection of electrical circuits. To put out the fire first, after carrying property, a moment of delay, easy into a catastrophe. At the same time, in the use of the public meeting place should establish regular electrical safety testing track system, so that not only can timely find the aging of the electrical circuit, damage, disorderly pull and other phenomena, but also can prevent the occurrence of fire accidents. Otherwise, the smoke will come in and suffocate you. Guard against theft door 10 brands go up in the material of electric circuit, the qualified product that should choose regular manufacturer to produce, choose corresponding electric circuit according to different place and different equipment.

2• Do not open the door when there is a fire in the neighboring room. Jump into the balcony window, call for help or use the previous method to get out of danger. Notice that the breathing is small and shallow.

3• The downstairs passage is blocked by fire. If there is no way to escape, tear the sheet and table cloth into strips, make a rope, fasten the window, then use cloth to protect the heart and slide down the rope. At the same time, some users and power supply part of course established electricity contracts or agreements, but in the actual work can not be very good coordination, resulting in daily electricity safety management process disconnect. In general places, should try to avoid the appearance of PVC, aluminum for the inner core and other easy to aging electrical circuits.

4. Standardize the construction and installation of electrical lines. As to compete with each other, security doors will jam each other, and as obstruction passageway, it will cause unnecessary tragedy. Monitoring staff of public security fire control institutions should give full play to the function of electrical detection intermediary organization in daily fire control monitoring and inspection, and check the electrical circuits installed and used by relevant units and places on schedule. The selection of electrical lines should meet the requirements of the site and equipment, according to the size of different power equipment to choose line diameter, according to different sites to choose explosion-proof, waterproof electrical lines, to ensure the normal operation of the line, prevent the insulation aging of the line and other adverse phenomena. At the same time, in the process of electrical circuit laying, the concealed laying or passing through combustible materials shall be completely protected through pipes, and the metal pipes shall be protected when laying in inflammable and explosive places. Some old buildings usually lack necessary inspection and replacement, coupled with the high load operation of electrical equipment, resulting in electrical circuit damage, leakage, and so on, over time resulting in electrical circuit lighting short-circuit and fire. According to the analysis of electrical fire accidents by the lock changing company, it can be seen that some lines are not in place due to inspection and maintenance, especially the probability of fire caused by aging of electrical lines is proportionately prominent. Although some areas and units have established a three-level power supply network, but in the process of performing their duties at will, more inspection of electrical equipment, and the electrical lines can not be defined in a timely manner to check and maintain, when the line fault and problems can not be timely found and rectification. Because the smoke rises at 3-5 meters per second and people go up stairs at 0.5 meters per second.

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