[Fire Doors] Fire Door Closers, Holders and Operators, GTBT - UL Product Spec

Date:Sep 20, 2018

[Fire Doors] Fire Door Closers, Holders and Operators, GTBT

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This category covers door closers, holders and operators intended for installation in conjunction with fire doors, fire door frames and/or other accessories that together form a fire door assembly, which provides the degree of fire protection to the opening.

Fire doors are designed for the protection of openings in walls and partitions against fire when installed in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 80, "Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives."

Fire doors must be in the fully closed position to perform their intended function. The protection of an opening depends not only upon the use of a labeled door of the proper type but also upon the use of a labeled frame, certified hardware, certified door closer, labeled door holders, and coordinators, if required, as well as the correct installation of such equipment.

Authorities Having Jurisdiction should be consulted as to which type of mounting and certified holding and closing mechanisms are acceptable for any given location, as well as the particular requirements covering the installation and use of these products.


Door closers of the self-closing type (without hold-open features) are covered under Swinging Fire Door Closers (GVEV).

Door closers incorporating hold-open features with fusible-link releases are covered under Sliding Fire Door Closers (GUQX) or Swinging Fire Door Closers (GVEV).

Door holders intended for use with automatic detection equipment and self-closing door closers are covered under Fire Door Holders (GTPR).

Combination door closers and holders incorporating integral hold-open features and intended for use with certified automatic fire detectors are covered under Combination Fire Door Closers and Holders (GTIS).

Door operators intended for use with single-slide or center-parting doors suspended from level or inclined track are covered under Fire Door Operators (GUCZ).

Door operators with automatic closers intended for use with single-slide or center-parting level track hollow-metal or steel-covered composite-type doors incorporating an integral releasing system are covered under Fire Door Operators with Automatic Closers (GUJY).

Retrofit rolling steel fire door operators intended to replace door operator and governor systems on existing rolling steel fire doors are covered under Retrofit Rolling Steel Fire Door Operators (GUNL).

For information on fire doors, fire windows, and related frames, hardware, glazing and other individual components, see Fire Door Assemblies and Window Assemblies (GSNN).

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