Fire door requirements for high-rise office buildings

Date:Oct 26, 2020

Nowadays, tall buildings and big summer are everywhere. At this time, it is necessary to be prepared for danger, because the higher the building, the more difficult it is to rescue when a fire occurs. At this time, the importance of fire doors is highlighted. Below, the Golden House Door Factory will introduce to you. What are the requirements for fire doors in office buildings:


  1: As an important fire isolation and personnel escape equipment, fire doors are generally installed in the elevator entrances, safety exits and power distribution shafts of high-rise buildings and public places. The doors open in the direction of people's escape;

  2: The fire door can not only effectively prevent the fire from spreading, but also buy more rescue time for fire officers and soldiers.



   1: The doors and windows between the room and the atrium corridor should be self-closing Class B fire doors and windows;


  2: The halls, passages, etc. connected to the atrium shall be separated by Class B fire doors or fire shutters with a fire resistance rating greater than 3.00h;


  3: The horizontal distance between the nearest edges of the doors, windows and openings on both sides of the firewall shall not be less than 2.00m; when the horizontal distance is less than 2.00m, fixed Class B fire doors and windows shall be installed;


  4: Room partition walls with combustibles stored in the basement with an average weight of more than 30Kg/m2 have a fire resistance rating of not less than 2.00h, and the door of the room should be a Class A fire door;


  5: No doors, windows, or openings should be opened on the firewall. When openings are necessary, Class A fire doors and windows that can close by themselves should be installed.



    At the end of the article, I will summarize for everyone that fire doors are fire protection facilities that must be installed in high-rise buildings. When a fire occurs in a high-rise building, self-rescue is the most important thing. At this time, it is very important to prevent the fire from spreading.

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