Fire door made of wood

Date:May 13, 2019

By definition, a fire door is an entryway or door manufactured with the purpose to resist spreading fire if any part of your commercial structure catches fire. If a fire breaks out in your kitchen, with fire rated doors in place, and with all doors closed, the fire will take longer to spread to the dining room and break room.


All doors and doorsets are made of wood under the Exova BM TRADA 3rd Party Certification Scheme for the Manufacture of Fire Doors. Our fire rated wooden doors are manufactured by a unique process, using top quality fire-rated core material.


GH, along with standard fire-retardant assemblies, has many sorts of solutions for upgrading the fire resistance of normal wooden doors. As manufacturer, we ensure all the products we offer would achieve the best possible fire protection with a range of designs and specifications in order to meet our client’s satisfaction.

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