Fire door function

Date:Aug 21, 2020


1. Fireproof BAI door can meet the requirements of fireproof stability, du completion and insulation property within a certain period of time. It is located in the fire zhi section, evacuation stairwell DAO, vertical shaft and other fireproof partitions with certain fire resistance.

2, fire door in addition to the role of ordinary doors, but also to prevent the spread of fire and smoke diffusion, can prevent the spread of fire in a certain period of time, to ensure the evacuation of personnel.

Other functions of fire doors:

Normally open fire door

Often open the fire door in peacetime to keep open, so that personnel convenient passage, ventilation and lighting convenient, in the case of fire can be closed by themselves, play smoke and fire resistance role. So as to completely solve the fire door closed at ordinary times and bring inconvenience to personnel passage and fire doors due to frequent switch caused by artificial damage, and to ensure fire safety.


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