Fire door frames replacement advice

Date:Dec 27, 2018

Fire door frames replacement advice


Building regulations – a fire door should be considered as a complete assembly advises the Planning Portal website.


The FAQs section of the site displays the question “With reference to the new guidance on loft conversions, when providing new fire-resisting doors in an existing dwellinghouse, is it also necessary to replace the existing internal door frames?”


The advice offered indicates that in certain circumstances it should be possible to reuse the old frame with a fire resisting door. There are however circumstances where this is not advisable. Planning Portal recommends:-


"If in doubt, the test report for the door being installed will include details of the door frame in which it was tested.”


The difference between fire doors and conventional doors

A fire door is typically far more robust – and needs to fulfil a hugely different range of functions to a conventional one. Fire door frames need to reflect this. Planning Portal advises:-


Fire doors are often thicker and much heavier than other internal doors. Where existing frames are retained it may be necessary to replace or relocate the door stops and to install additional fixings back to the structure. The joint between the frame and the surrounding structure should be adequately sealed and the operating gap between the door and the frame should be kept to a minimum (usually 3-4mm).”



How to decide the type of fire door and frame that’s right for you

Follow the seven very simple steps in order to define your requirement for bespoke fire doors.


Single or double door? With frame or without? Which fire rating? Frame details, finish, glazing or panel options? It’s all there in the easy-to-use door specifier.

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