Fire door basics

Date:Jun 12, 2020

For many people, fire door is a common but somewhat unfamiliar term in life, which can be seen every day, but its definition and classification are always vague. But actually, the fire door is very important to ensure the fire safety of our daily life, it is very necessary to know more about it. The following is dalian golden house for you to summarize the fire door basic knowledge daquan.

1. Fire door components

Fire door refers to a certain period of time, together with the frame can meet the refractory stability, integrity and insulation requirements of the door. The main components of fire doors include doors, door frames, glass, locks, handles, hinges and door closers.

2. Fire resistance rating of fire doors

According to the different fire resistance limit, fire door is divided into A, B, C three grades, fire resistance limit is not less than 1.5h, 1h and 0.5h respectively.

3. Fire door material

According to the different material, fire doors can be divided into steel fire doors, wooden fire doors and glass fire doors.

Woodiness fireproof door is to point to make door frame, door plank, frame with lumber or woodiness product, fill in inside door leaf not to burn material, match with the door that place of place of hardware component can satisfy requirement of fireproof stability piece, integrity and insulating sex. Steel fireproof door is to point to make door frame, door plank, frame with cold rolled sheet steel, fill in inside door leaf noncombustible material, match with the door that hardware component place composes to be able to satisfy fireproof stability piece, integrality and the door that insulate sex demand. Glass fire door is to point to the steel fire door that makes door plank completely with fire glass.

4. Fire door structure

Fire doors, if classified by structure, can be divided into eight categories: single fan, double fan, single fan with glass, double fan with glass, single fan with light window, double fan with light window, single fan with glass, double fan with glass.

Normally closed fire doors

Normally closed fire door in peacetime is closed state, when there are people need to push open. Often close fire door this kind of open state has certain shortcoming, because the place of fire door installation is the passageway that personnel often moves normally, caused certain contradiction. In particular, large shopping malls have large personnel flow. If normally closed fire doors are set in the internal evacuation staircases, they will soon be damaged and fall off due to frequent opening and closing, thus failing to play a role in fire prevention and forming a fire hazard.

6. Normally open safety door

Normally open fire doors are usually open, fire automatically closed. Because it is kept open at ordinary times, it is convenient for people to pass through, convenient for ventilation and lighting, and can be closed by itself in case of fire, which plays the role of smoke insulation and fire resistance. So as to completely solve the fire door closed at ordinary times and bring inconvenience to personnel passage and fire doors due to frequent switch caused by artificial damage, and to ensure fire safety. Therefore, in the evacuation staircases of some large shopping malls, fire doors should be set up, usually open state, in case of fire through a variety of sensors to control the door closure.

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