Families install the door, whether to open the door outside or inside

Date:Dec 22, 2020

Is it better to open inside or outside? What are the precautions for private custom security doors?

Advantages of opening the anti-theft door outside:

Under normal circumstances, the exterior door does not occupy indoor space, which facilitates the decoration of entrance cabinets and shoe cabinets, which is more in line with people's daily habits.

Advantages of anti-theft door opening:

The anti-theft door opens inward, so that when someone opens the door at home, the sight of the visitor can be controlled, it is not easy to bump into the guest, and it will not affect the neighbors' travel and occupy public areas.

Suggestion: For home decoration, it is more recommended to open the door outside. Whether it is a single door or a child-mother door, the anti-theft door opens outside, and the home space will be larger.

Precautions for anti-theft doors

Customization of anti-theft doors is different from wooden doors. The customization cycle is longer. If you decide to customize, you must start when you get the design drawings.

You must pay attention to the door opening problem. The door opening is too high or too low will affect the customization of the anti-theft door. It is recommended that you change it during the infrastructure construction.

With a handy and safe anti-theft door, the house can be comfortable, happy and at ease. As long as you master the above points, are you afraid that you can't have a good anti-theft door?

Security door production material

From the material point of view, the entrance doors mainly include steel doors, steel-wood combined doors, cast aluminum doors, and bronze doors.

1. Steel security door

On the one hand, the steel security door is because of its hard material; on the other hand, it is affordable.

2. Steel-wood combined security door

Nowadays, this kind of steel-wood combined anti-theft door is commonly used in homes. The main reason is that it can choose different colors, woods, lines and patterns according to the decoration style to meet the beautiful effect of matching. The steel-wood combination security door is secured by the steel plate in the middle, and the surface is painted free or painted.

3. Cast aluminum security door

The cast aluminum security door is loved by consumers. Because it is made of aluminum, it will not rust or fade. Cast aluminum doors can be subdivided into solid cast aluminum doors, solid cast aluminum doors and plywood cast aluminum doors.

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