drywall Frames with Compression anchors

Date:Mar 26, 2019

These frames are intended to be installed after the wall construction is complete. The anchoring methods that

this type of frame uses allows the removal of the frame if so desired. The manufacturers’ installation instructions

should be followed anytime the frame is removed and reinstalled. Three conditions could exist for drywall slip-on

frames which are “loose on the wall.”

1) The first condition is a uniform gap along the entire length (height) of the frame jambs. The frame should be

removed from the opening and the wall thickness checked at numerous places around the opening. These

measurements should be compared to the job specifications. If the wall thickness is undersize, two options

are available.

a) If the gap is relatively small, the use of caulking or trim can be considered to cover the gap when the

frame is installed.

b) If the gap is larger, the use of “spacers” can offset the lacking wall thickness. The use of spacers requires

that the frame be removed from the opening, the spacer(s) attached, and the frame reinstalled. The

spacers can be used on either one or both of the frame returns which would result in spacers on either

one side or both sides of the wall. Spacers are available from the frame manufacturer.

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