Door Lock Installation

Date:Aug 13, 2019

1. Replace a Knob Lock

1. Remove the screws from the old lock on the inside of the door.

2. Use a lock of the same brand that fits your door. 

3. Remove the screws that secure the latch at the edge of the door. 

4. Wrap the cardboard template around the door edge. 

5. Put the new latch into place.

6. Put the door lock together.

2. Rekey a Lock

1. Purchase a kit labelled for your lock’s brand.

2. Remove the exterior door knob. 

3. Pop the the cylinder out of the back of the knob. 

4. Remove the cylinder retainer ring.

5. Slide the cylinder plug out of the cylinder housing.

6. Remove the old pins from the cylinder plug. 

7. Insert the new pins to match the code in the instructions. 

8. Reassemble the lock. 

3. Change a Deadbolt

1. Remove the old deadbolt faceplates.

2. Remove the set plate and bolt.

3. Rekey the old deadbolt or take it to a locksmith.

4. Install the new deadbolt’s set plate and bolt.

5. Attach the new faceplates and secure them with screws. 

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