Door and frame handing chart

- Jun 28, 2019-

Because of the international trade, buyers and sellers are generally far apart and the number is huge. Therefore, all the details must be clearly expressed on the sample map, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.In the fire door industry, the opening of the door is professional.On the sample map, the direction is clear inside and outside.Then people stand outside and face the inside as the standard.If you hold the door handle with your left hand and then open the door to the inside left direction, it is positioned left hand(LH).If you hold the door handle with your left and then open the door to the outside left direction,it is positioned left hand reverse(LHR).

In the same situation, if the right hand holds the door and opens the door, it will be positioned separately right hand(RH) and right hand reverse(RHR).

If the door is double door,when there is no fire in peacetime, one of the doors is fixed.In this situation,it is judged that the opening of the door is completely in accordance with the non-fixed door and the standard is the same as that of the single door described above.Only the above four open up, followed by the word "ACTIVE".

In summary,there are eight types of the door opening:

Left Hand(LH),Left Hand Reverse(LHR),Right Hand (RH),Right Hand Reversee(RHR),Left Hand Active(LHA),Left Hand Reverse Active(LHRA),Right Hand Active(RHA),Right Hand Reversee Active(RHRA).