Fire door is not equal to security door

- Jun 12, 2019-

The anti-theft door is a door equipped with an anti-theft lock that can resist abnormal opening under certain conditions for a certain period of time, has certain safety protection performance and meets the corresponding anti-theft security level.

A fire door is a door that meets the requirements for fire resistance stability and integrity within a certain period of time. In addition to the function of ordinary doors, fire doors have the function of preventing the spread of fire and the spread of smoke, which can prevent the spread of fire for a certain period of time and ensure the evacuation of personnel.

Home fire doors generally have some point-of-the-art anti-theft functions, but fire doors in public spaces such as large office buildings and shopping malls do not have anti-theft functions.

Most security doors are generally used in private homes. If the residential floor is high, the security door must be equipped with fire protection. The lower security door on the floor may not be equipped with fire protection.