Do fire doors need to be equipped with door closers?

Date:Oct 27, 2020

Office building fire doors are an important part of fire protection, but is it okay to not install door closers during installation?

Ask :

  Is it necessary to install a door closer for the fire door? Do I have to install it?

Answer :

   Yes, whether it is normally open or normally closed, it must have an automatic shutdown function, otherwise the fire protection will not pass.

Analysis :

   Normally closed fire exit door

1: Normally closed fire doors are equipped with door closers on each door, that is, the two iron behind the door are the same as human arms. When people escape, they can open the door directly, which can make the door close automatically;


2: There is a straight iron rod in the middle of the door. This device is called "Sequencer". The fire door must be closed in order to close tightly. This device plays this role. No matter which door is pushed first, it will always be closed first. Close the door that has been made.

       Normally open fire-rated exit door

1: Normally open fire door is always open, there will be a solenoid valve on the door, this valve is connected with the main engine of the fire control room, it is usually open;


2: When a fire occurs, the fire host will report a fire alarm, the automatic linkage solenoid valve will initiate a command, and the solenoid valve will automatically fall off after receiving the signal, and the door will automatically close;


3: The door can be open at ordinary times, but the linkage function of the fire engine must be normal, and the fire department will definitely test it during inspection.

Reminder: Fire door closers must be installed, otherwise, if a fire occurs and the door is open, the fire door will lose its function. The main function of the door closer is to make the fire door close by itself to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Gas diffusion to ensure the evacuation of personnel.

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