The difference between steel fire doors and wood fire doors

Date:Apr 15, 2019

In our country, fire door is divided according to what material pledges different, basically have woodiness fire door and steel fire door two kinds, also have the fire door sheet of steel wood fire door and other material to use so little additionally, on the market 99% is woodiness and steel fire door.As the name implies, wood fire doors both as a frame material with wood, the interior filled with refractory materials, so that it has a fire retardant performance of a door.Steel fire doors its internal stuffing in wood fire doors are exactly the same, the only difference is that the door frame and door made for steel.

Fire door fire limit has nothing to do with material

According to the fire door specifications, according to the fire resistance limit time of the different, wood fire doors and steel fire doors are divided into three fire door level, a fire door (fire resistance limit 1.5h), b fire door (fire resistance limit 1.0h) and c fire door (fire resistance limit 0.5h).

Wood fire doors and steel fire doors are better

Although say two kinds of doors can achieve standard of time of limit of certain fire resistance, but because of the reason of material, when happening fire, the combustion integrity of steel qualitative fire door, stability can be more wonderful.But under the precondition of the refractory time calculated by the hour, fire evacuation can use normally can completely meet the cost, so when choosing wooden fire door and steel fire door is more a practical use to select target, generally speaking, inside the main building is given priority to with wood fire door, steel fire door more external configuration.

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