The difference between a security door and a fire door

Date:May 05, 2019

Burglarproof door main function is to prevent pry airtight performance is better, need not lock key to open the door outside the door after closing commonly not, filler inside door plank is not fireproof material.The doors must be marked with "FAM" and according to the general technical specifications for the doors.

Fire doors are also made of steel but the door panels are filled with fire resistant materials, the door plate thickness also has different requirements.

Steel door is ordinary steel door, he also has a certain anti-theft function but anti-pry performance is poor, the general street processing plants are this kind

Fire and burglar doors.

At present only Shanghai and chengdu have the local standard of fire prevention and pilfer door, of other place can call fire prevention to enter door only commonly, reach national fire prevention already namely class a or class b fire door standard, (fill inside fire door core or rock wool material) class a class b standard is divided with fight burning time commonly.At the same time in the following aspects to achieve the anti-pry requirements:

1. The thickness of the door frame is 2.0, and the thickness of the steel plate on both sides of the door leaf is 0.8.

2. The lock has anti-pry function, that is, the lock body has inclined lock tongue and can spit out square lock tongue, but it is not allowed to install heaven and earth lock

Lock and cat eye all want to have fire prevention to detect a report, second class fire prevention enters door can install a door to get, first class must not install.

The merchant shall provide the fire type approval certificate, fire test report, metal door test report.Fire test report of lock and cat eye

Generally in the stairway, machine room, pipe Wells, electric Wells and other places are installed fire doors.What install in what village entrance is burglarproof door much

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