Code Updates Clarify Proper Applications of Fire Protective vs. Fire Resistive Glazing

Date:Mar 04, 2019

In 2009, the ICC recognized that the fire rated glass provisions in of the IBC were confusing, so it appointed an ad hoc committee comprised of fire and building officials, test agencies, and industry representatives to study the glazing labeling provisions and make recommended code changes. As the result of the ad hoc committee’s extensive work over the course of several months, three tables in the 2012 IBC were revised. These updates are not new code requirements, but rather a clarification of the 2006 and 2009 editions of the IBC.

In reviewing the glazing provisions of the code, the ad hoc committee recommended significant changes to the door assembly rating table, 716.5. For the first time, the code lays out, in table form, the vision panel size limits and adds a column that specifies the sidelite and transom rating requirements. More importantly, the table distinguishes between the use of fire “protection” rated products, and fire “resistance” rated products, and makes it easy for the end user to identify appropriate size limits affecting fire protective glazing; where fire resistance rated products must be used if glazing is desired in larger sizes; and where the code would not otherwise allow fire rated glass.

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