Cleaning techniques for steel fire doors

Date:Sep 14, 2020

Fire rated steel door is a special kind of door with fire protection function. It is very different from ordinary doors. Similarly, when the surface of american standard steel fire door is found to be dirty, the skills that need to be paid attention to when cleaning it are different...

As we all know, fire doors are fire-fighting equipment, which can prevent the spread of fire and smoke for a certain period of time, facilitate the evacuation of people during a fire, and save lives and property to the greatest extent. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the management and maintenance of the fire door in the daily use of the fire door, and ensuring the clean and tidy surface of the fire exit steel door is also an extremely important step in the maintenance of the fire resistance steel door.

Steel fire door

Similarly, the method of cleaning steel fireproof doors and ordinary doors is also different. When cleaning the fire door, we can wipe the surface of the door with a cloth soaked in vinegar. For steel glass fire doors that are prone to oil stains, when severe oil stains are found, they can be wiped with slices of onions to make the vague steel glass fire doors look new. In addition, the use of plastic wrap and a damp cloth dampened with detergent can also make the steel glass fire doors that are often stained with oil stains clean and tidy.

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