Classification of fire doors

Date:Jun 12, 2020

Fire door grade can be divided into A class fire door, B class fire door, C class fire door these several,A class fire door is known as complete heat insulation fire door, in the specified time can meet the fire insulation, fire integrity requirements, fire rating specific respectively for C class fire door, B class fire door,A class fire door. Class B fire doors are called partially insulated fire doors, and their fire resistance is required to be 0.5h. Class C fire doors are called non-insulated fire doors, which have no specific requirements on fire insulation, as long as the fire integrity is satisfied within the specified time. In the daily use of the more widely used is A type of fire door, the following is A type of fire door specific introduction:

Fire doors - First Class

Grade a fire door classification is an important part of fire equipment, is an important step in social fire prevention, grade A fire door quality and use related to the success or failure of fire prevention. The material of door of class a fire prevention is qualitative have steel and woodiness, the fireproof time of class a fire prevention door is not less than 1.5 hours, only satisfy this ability to be called door of class a fire prevention. The interior of class a fire door generally USES perlite, a small amount will also use vermiculite fire prevention board, foam door core board, MC accord with the material and so on fire prevention materials, the thickness of class A fire door is generally 50mm. In some of the fire performance requirements are more stringent place is generally installed is a class fire doors.

Fire doors - Class B

Fire door grade division in the b class fire door in the family fire prevention in the use of more widely, it is the key step of the family fire prevention, the country stipulates the production of wooden fire door must be dry and fire retardant treatment, fire doors on the use of hardware fittings must also use fire hardware fittings. The fireproof time of grade B fire door is not less than 1.0 hours. The use of Grade B fire door is very important to our family fire prevention, so that our lives and property have been well protected, playing an indispensable key step in the family fire prevention.

Fire doors - Class C

Fire door grade grade c fire door material is commonly chosen is cold rolled steel plate and stainless steel, filled with environmental protection, health insulation materials. In case of fire, class C fire door can play a role in preventing fire spread and reducing smoke, providing valuable time for personnel evacuation and ensuring personnel safety. The fire-resistant time of class C fire door shall not be less than 0.5 hour. The fittings used for class C fire door must pass fire prevention treatment to meet the prescribed fire-resistant limit.

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