Choose the precautions for fire doors

Date:Sep 09, 2020

1. Check the function and structure of fire door lock

Select the anti-drilling lock. When the drill bit drills the keyhole, the lock will rotate synchronously with the drill bit, so that the lock will not be damaged. The lock requires a three-way lock structure, single door 3 hinges, double door 6 hinges, door doors and door frame with hidden lock, even if the hinge is chipped off, the door can not be opened.

2. Check the quality of fire lock and bolt

It is better to choose 2 locks to control the door of 2 plunger, even if can be broken, also can delay time. Generally speaking, a lock can be controlled 3 to 4 plug rods, such door anti-theft function is poor, once the lock is damaged, a few plug rods lose their function at the same time. See the thickness of strengthen board around lock and area guard against theft door from structural design cent block type and fence type two kinds, no matter choose which kind, lock is the main place that larceny destroys, so lock guard plate should be the cold steel plate that thickness passes 2 millimeter, the height of guard plate is not less than 500 millimeter.

3, see how the fire door process quality

Zhonganhuatai fire door manufacturers choice of materials is fundamental, manufacturing process quality is the key. Special attention should be paid to reflect on whether there are welding defects, such as open welding, not welding, leakage welding, slag and other phenomena. See whether the door and door frame can be close, gap can be uniform differences, open sensitive, all joints can seek food, paint electroplating can be uniform solid, smooth, etc.


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