Ceco & LEED

Date:Sep 24, 2018

Ceco steel doors and frames are made from up to 68.9% recycled steel, (see LEED Contribution Statement right) much of which comes from old cars. We give scrap metal new life as high quality doors and frames. In fact we can produce 20 doors from the steel scrapped from one car!

Not only does recycling steel clean up the environment, it helps keep our natural resources from being depleted.

226 billion BTU’s were conserved in one year by the usage of Ceco doors and frames which is equivalent to powering 7,500 homes for a year! In addition to conserving energy by the materials we use to make our products Ceco Door also uses recycled materials in our product packaging.

In one year alone by using 100% recycled cardboard packaging Ceco Door has:

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