Causes affecting the quality of wooden fire doors

Date:Sep 04, 2020


Woodiness fire door divides woodiness fire door and steel woodiness fire door commonly two kinds. Among them wooden fire doors as a kind of fire building components, because of its beautiful appearance, easy installation, good decorative performance, superior fire performance and widely used in all kinds of civil buildings and part of the industrial building. As an important equipment for fire isolation and personnel escape, wooden fire doors are generally located in the stairway entrances, safety exits and distribution Wells of high-rise buildings and public places. The doors open in the direction of people's escape.

In the current market to affect the quality of wooden fire doors mainly have the following two aspects:

One, woodworking fire prevention door wants to achieve the fireproof effect that national standard asks, should undertake corresponding flame-retardant processing to the lumber that USES commonly, the lumber that passes flame-retardant processing can assure lumber in occurrence of a fire won't be ignited very quickly. If the wood flame retardant treatment is not done well, the fire-resistant time of wood fire doors will be greatly reduced, and may also bring a huge safety hazard to the entire building.

Two, the quality of woodiness fire door itself is a respect among them only, still have an equally important the problem that is the use respect such as installation quality, maintenance management, this has important effect to its performance. If not used properly, danger will come to you. So what is the proper use of wooden fire doors? Automatic door closers, smoke bars and other wood fire doors are necessary accessories. In order to ensure that the wood fire doors can really play a role in the event of a fire, there are some special requirements in the maintenance and use of the process: for example, wood fire doors must be kept closed. But now many of the wooden fire doors installed are not in the required state.

The above two points are only the main reasons affecting the quality of wooden fire doors, but usually some bad habits and easy to ignore the details will also bring some damage to wooden fire doors, so as to bury safety hazards. So in the use of fire doors must be in accordance with the relevant fire regulations correct use, in order to ensure that in the outbreak of fire, fire doors can play the role it should play, to ensure the safety of people's lives.

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