Can a barn door be installed in the kitchen? What are the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen barn doors?

Date:Nov 18, 2020

Because the barn door is extremely cool and beautiful, it is loved by most people. Therefore, many people install barn doors when they are decorating, so is it good for the kitchen to use barn doors? What are the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen barn doors?

1. Is the kitchen barn door good?

The problem involved in the barn door is actually its airtightness. Many owners feel that if the door is installed in the kitchen, it is prone to oil fume problems, which will affect the home environment. The kitchen is the most suitable place for the installation of the barn door. When the barn door is installed, the owner can install the sealing strip on the door, and then mix it with wood wax oil, which improves its anti-fouling ability as a whole. The tightness.

2. Features of the barn door

The first is that the installation is very simple, this is a form of sliding door, and the track is also exposed, and the installation is very convenient and fast. This also greatly saves room space, which is a kind of sliding door, but compared with other doors, the barn door saves the room space area and is also suitable for installation in various houses.

Its closeness is very good, and the kitchen barn door has very good sealability. It is the first choice for interior decoration kitchens, bathrooms and other areas with high mobility. Its decoration is also very good. After the barn door is installed, it will give people a classic atmosphere. If it is matched with the most modern technology design form, it will make the overall color wonderful, and its decorative effect is really good. It also has plastic properties. The biggest feature of the barn door is its excellent plasticity. When placed in a children's room, children can paint according to their own preferences, which makes the room lively and energetic as a whole.

3. It also involves some shortcomings

The first is airtightness. The barn door is a very convenient door. It does not have a door lock and can be moved at will. Then there will be gaps during installation, and the airtightness is poor. There is also poor sound insulation. The barn door has many advantages, but the material is basically very common, so the sound insulation effect is almost weak, and it is not suitable for bedroom installation.

There are also high requirements. The biggest disadvantage of the barn door is that the overall load-bearing capacity is high. The barn door is installed in suspension, which is opened and closed by sliding. If you want to be integrated and convenient, this requires strong load-bearing force. This point must be paid attention to during installation.

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