Advantages and disadvantages of swing doors

Date:Dec 22, 2020

Most kitchens use glass doors, which are beautiful and do not affect lighting. Sliding doors are mostly used, while folding doors are relatively rare. Traditional decorations mostly use wooden doors, and the door opening method is usually swing doors.

What are the advantages of swing doors

1. Various opening methods

Swing doors can be opened outwards or inwards. It is a more common door leaf used in life, and there are single-opening and double-opening. Side-hung doors are mainly classified by opening methods. There are many classification methods of door leaves and various opening methods, such as mobile opening type, upturning type, rolling curtain lifting type, rotating type, vertical lifting type, etc.

2. Diversified styles

The aluminum side-hung door has a calm and unique style, and its shapes are rich and varied. The most distinctive pattern in the pattern is Tanger; the characteristic of the flower glass style is mainly on the pattern and ice sculpture.

3. Easy to install

The installation method of the swing door is more convenient. It does not require too much effort and time to install. It is liked by many people and can be installed in multiple places. The swing door can be selected in bedrooms, studies and other places.

Second, what are the disadvantages of swing doors

1. Single style: As far as the flat door is concerned, its application method is very single, while its style will be relatively single. Side-hung doors can only be used by flat pulling, which is destined to be within a scale and must meet the height of the door frame.

2. Low space utilization rate: the use of side-hung doors requires a certain amount of space to be occupied, and the occupied space cannot be used twice. This is very inconvenient for small-sized apartments or owners or users who require relatively high space. Moreover, the requirements for hardware fittings of side-hung doors are relatively high. Because of the frequent use, the utilization rate of door cutters is very high. If the quality is better, the service life of the door will be reduced.


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