About fire door design, installation, maintenance

Date:Sep 04, 2020


Fire door refers to the door that can cut off fire in case of fire. It can meet the special requirements of fire prevention, and has the use function of general door, that is, usually for people to pass, fire can be closed when the occurrence of fire, fire, smoke in a limited area, in order to effectively prevent the spread of fire.

Installation specifications, quality control

In the installation of fire doors, must choose qualified products, not to reduce the level of fire doors and should be strictly in accordance with the specifications for installation.

1. When installing door frames and doors, they should be opened in the direction of evacuation according to the opening side of the door;

2. The door frame should not be too large from the walls around it. If necessary, cement mortar or rock wool should be filled to block it;

3. Avoid that the distance between the door frame and the ground is too large, which is not conducive to evacuation if the threshold is formed;

4. When installing double doors, make sure that the doors are closely fitted;

5. Do not make your own door frame, should buy regular fire doors for installation;

6. Fire door installation should pay attention to whether it has good sealing;

7. Resolutely put an end to cutting corners, it is best to personally check the installation.

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